What's New/What's Fixed in Beta4 (comments)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. marktchurch


    What about those of us who have no use for X? I want to run server VMs for testing purposes. Oracle and Java application servers take up enough memory with running an XServer and desktop environment just to get my '|' key to work.
  2. mejacobs


    I'm experiencing the same issue. VM freezes when my MacBook Pro goes to sleep and then Parallels becomes unresponsive when I try to stop the frozen VM session.
  3. ScottTFrazer


    If you're just running it for server work, why not set up sshd and connect to the box from OS X's Terminal.app?

    Console mode on most linux distros bites compared to multiple ssh sessions, anyway (imho)
  4. brettw


    hmmmm .... so what if you need to do something in single user at a console that requires a pipe or a backslash ? bottom line is the app is broken and not usable for linux or solaris in a production environment. what's worse is the developers blaming the guest OS and ignoring the problem.
  5. tangential

    tangential Bit Poster

    I has the same thought, but these guys are fixing things pretty fast.

    Hopefully this keyboard situation will be fixed by/before FCS.
  6. willwgm3


    Anybody try remapping keys in screen?

  7. tychop


    Full screen. *Sigh*

    Why bother with full screen when there are no fullscreen native resolutions available.....
    Major dissapointment.

    You guys have to implement this in a beta before may 6, when my trial ends.
    I won't purchase something I havent tested to my satisfaction.
  8. tychop


    Well, It is in VMWare, and it does speed up HD access .......
  9. dkelley


    And access to a real partition is going to be VITAL for people like me who will be both dual booting with boot camp and VMing with Parallels.

    think about this - windows, for the most part, can't handle being run from different hardware in the same install (take your hard drive and dump it into an AMD box and see what happens...). So boot camp, which using wierd efi-workarounds and real hardware access in a real partition will not be able to run the same windows version as parallels even if paralles allows running from a real partition. BUT, having a real partition which can have all of your documents and even your program files installed will mean that we can dual boot and use parallels and both ways of running windows can be setup to use the same installed applications and the same documents. So if you're in osx and can do your windows work without needing amazing graphics speed then just run parallels. But if you need to run Sonar or something like that which requires real hardware access and native speeds then you can dual boot, but you'll still have access to the same files.

    It seems to me that the only way that will work is if we have direct partition access when desired (maybe turned off by default though).

    If there's another theory about how we could share data and apps between bootcamp and parallels then please describe it here, it just seems like the only way to me for now.

  10. dr_lha


    Ungratefulness and idle threats to the developers is hardly the way to get things done. This is beta software - give these guys a break, they're fixing problems and adding features at an incredible speed.
  11. fellow


    good image from last two weeks failed to start up

    I have been using an image for the past two weeks that will not start up correctly. I appears to go most of the way and then unexpectedly fails, returning to the vm config screen.

    Please advise.

    Also, I have not heard a thing about the three consistent problems I had with beta3. I'd appreciate an email.
  12. tychop


    You're absolutly right. After reading back my post, I seem a bit negative.
    Sorry to offend anyone !!!
  13. bericd


    Beachballing on screen-saver

    I have had similar happen on a few occasions.

    I'll be running XP in parallels (exact program doesn't seem to matter), I'll move to another OS X window, work there for a while (maybe go to standby, sometimes not), and go back to the XP window. It will be in screen saver (but not moving) and any attempts to control the window end up beach-balling. I suspect this is the power saving or something in XP.

    The beach-balling keeps going for up to an hour. I've never left if for longer.

    If it were not for this I'd have already purchased the product.

  14. Philmac


    A question for the developers...

    On a macbook , when you finally implement USB support, will it work with hardware locks (ie hasp devices)?

    I purchased a 17" powerbook when they first came out. I have several programs that require windows. All but one worked under Virtual PC on the mac. That was a key program for my business, it uses a hardware lock. I just couldn't get it work under VPC and don't know why.

    I am hoping that when Parallels gets USB it will work with this locked program. I will install Parallels at my mac dealer before buying a macbook to make sure this program works for me. But it would be nice to have some idea of what to expect.

    Keep up the effort - I was a little sad when connectix got swallowed by microsoft - besides you guys have certainly showed MS up by beating them with this product. And you showed up apple to. Have no desire to join the boot camp.
  15. BillInSoBe


    Window Position.

    I've noticed that when using PW Beta 4 that the VM window doesn't remember it's position each time I quit the application. Each time I need to re-position the VM to where it fits best on the screen.

    Would it be possible to make both the Properties Page and the actal VM remember their last window placement? It's not a big deal, I just hate having to move my windows around each time I start the VM.


    MacBook Pro with latest OS and updates installed.
  16. loge


    Same for me, i am encountering this issue every day so its definitely reproducable. At the end i have to kill Parallels the ugly way. And its allways frighthening if there is anything lost inside the VM of the done work. So this should be really fixed.

    Also i stil ldont know how to type in an @ in the germany layout. This is definitely ugly. There are definitely even more chars i dont know how to type in but the @ is the most serious one of course.

    I also cant play Railroad Tycoon 3 for instance because when inserting the "playing" disc, the CD runs forever and nothing happens. The CD device itself is also a pain because i cant reject CD with the Mac reject key even if i am in an Mac application.

    Right now i am definitely not convinced and will not pay upfront. I know this can be done much better, so i will wait until the final and if they dont fix the locale issue, to take one, i will use the other alternative with the "VM" in the name, which will be released also in some weeks i suspect.

  17. rjgebis

    rjgebis Kilo Poster

    Unable to get IP from Airport / Fedore Core 5

    After installing FC5 under Beta4 FC5 is failingto get IP from AirPort. I am not sure if it has problem with wired since I don't have access right now. I got have eth0 to set to Airport in Beta4

    Please advice


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