What's the secret of Parallels Desktop's success?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ronyy, Dec 14, 2021.

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    Before I purchased a Mac Mini M1, I'd been dabbling with virtual machines for a while with Virtual Box in Linux. I only play around with simple 2D games and applications in VirtualBox because 3D games refused to launch, displaying error messages. I've heard of PCI passthrough, but I'm not tech enough or knowledgeable enough to set it up. I also don't have two graphics cards. After purchasing a Mac mini, I downloaded the Parallels trial and installed Windows 11 with a few clicks, as well as steam and steam games, which ran 3D games wonderfully. I was so satisfied that on Cyber Monday, I purchased a Parallels subscription. So, what's the key distinction that allows Parallels Desktop to run 3D games without a hitch?
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    Hi, we are happy to hear your feedback regarding Parallels Desktop.

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