Which Hypervisor?

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    It looks like right now there isn't much difference. This is on Parallels 16.0.1 running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and Ubuntu 20.04. I was hoping one would be better about releasing unused memory but that does not appear to be the case.

    CPU Benchmarks:
    Geekbench5 shows that they are pretty much the same
    1223 vs 1229 single core; 7246 vs 241 mult core

    Memory Usage:

    Parallels Hypervisor, after build android and disk cache cleared
    real memory used: 7GB

    Apple Hypervisor, after build android and diskcache cleared
    real memory used: 7GB

    If someone knows of a way to release this memory without rebooting, it would be very helpful, especially when running multiple VMs.
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    Yeah, my experience is the same (did some benchmarking and stuff some time ago). I chose Apple's hypervisor (I think it is bhyve based, by the way) since it is natively supported by OS and which means that I am getting less surprises from the system when going through sleep/resume cycles, etc. However, truth to be told I never experienced any issues with the Parallels hypervisor too. Well, I did not measure the battery life under both of them, but my perception is that it is better under Apple's one.

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