Which is Faster: Windows as new Parallels VM, or Parallels connection to Boot Camp?

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Which is Faster: Standard Parallels VM, or Parallels connection to Boot Camp?

  1. Setup as VM

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  2. Setup as VM that accesses Boot Camp Partition

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  3. No Difference except you're wasting drive space with Boot Camp

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  1. KevinS31

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    Which is Faster (or same): Windows as new Parallels VM, or Parallels connection to Bootcamp?

    I have a Mac Pro Xeon with 28 Cores, 192GB of memory, More drive space and GPU than i can possibly need. When i got the Mac Pro, I set up a boot camp partition, installed windows, and started working with large data files that take make my MS Excel tasks take a while to process. I decided to use Parallels and chose to create the "My Boot Camp" connection as opposed to creating a new VM. Assuming drive space is no issue, I'm wondering if i would have been better off creating a new VM. I really don't know how the VM works. For example, if i assigned 18 cores and 92GB of memory to the VM, will it process data just as fast is it would if I had a 18 core / 92GB machine booted straight into boot camp (not using VM)? Is the only thing i lose the refresh rate from the GPU? Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

    Full Specs:
    • 2.5GHz 28‑core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz
    • 192GB (6x32GB) of DDR4 ECC memory
    • Two Radeon Pro W6800X with 32GB of GDDR6 memory each
    • 4TB SSD storage

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