why am i forced to have these tools.

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Mac' started by DavidC23, Feb 1, 2017.

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    I don't need any of the tools parallels forces me to put on my Mac. I have programs or apps that i have used and work fine why am i forced to leave this crap on my tool bar? for me it is just crap. i have no need for it but I was told by Parallels phone techs i have to have it installed. as with all programs it will grow and grow what ever security issue that come along with this i get even though I don't want them on my machine. looking at the list i see absolutely nothing that is not a duplicate that come with every Mac out of the box. maybe Lock screen has a propose. but i have never needed a lock screen option since my first computer Atari 800. just no need for it for me. oh then there was the time tools was messing up and i spent 2 hours on the phone getting tolls installed and the tech fixing something all over crap I don't even want. Parallels I want you to do what you have always done best. load on to my Mac allow me to load up windows 10 and use the 1 stupid program that i have paid for and only come in windows platform and i want you to be invisible the rest of the time. that is why I used your program. seamless, don't see you there and everything works wonderfully. i was so damn happy with you. yes it really bothers me that you require that i load software i do not need at all just to have access to the core reason I paid for your software. to run windows on my mac. your tools have become a parasite on my system. does anyone else dislike the fact you are focused to load these programs?

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