Why does Parallels take up so much disk space?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MathiasN1, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Like I said James...
    after having the techs working remotely on my machine with me watching them do the same thing I'd done a half dozen times before even contacting Parallels I finally decided they don't have a clue as to how to fix the problem. Mine happened while updating Windows after upgrading to PD14... it just kept sucking my HD space day after day until I couldn't stand it any more.

    Of course I then turned to Apple Techs who did exactly the same things I had just done to try and solve the problem... they also took control of my machine via moble access. Apple like Parallels didn't listen to what I had told them I already did to correct the problem. I read forums for two weeks, sent reports to those I felt may be able to help from Parallels and Apple to Adobe and in virtually every case they just repeated every solution I had already tried at least a half dozen times.

    Fact is they didn't listen, wasted my time doing the same moves on my computer on I watched it like in slow motion because remote access is slllooowww.

    I understand your frustration... been there for weeks on end. Final solution was figure out by me... not the software engineers. They obviously have not figured out why the upgrade causes such a horrible conflict.

    On 3 Nov 18 I was given this last report - basically says Parallels does not accept responsibility and I should contact Apple:
    I understand that you are unable to remove Windows 10 pvm file from Trash which was around Zero bytes.

    During the remote session, we tried removing Windows 10 zero bytes pvm file from Trash and got error message "unable to remove Windows 10.pvm as it is not identified".

    Checked with the Mac storage management which contains Parallels Desktop VMs was around 40.2 GB and Trash was Zero bytes. So if you like to fre up the space in Mac please contact Mac support regarding this.
    Apple eventually said it was a conflict with Parallels and not their problem... so if you believe Parallels is going to solve your problem, stay with them. I can tell you it's been almost 7 months since my problem came in to play - now you have the same problem and have not been given a solution.

    I will say once again, there is no solution other than erasing and starting over... if you can't do that in my opinion... you're screwed, sorry to say the obvious. Best of luck... I feel your pain but can also say my new updated software is working fine and I also gained about 22GB in the process.

    Truly wish you the best... if you want I can dig out some notes from the IT guys but they didn't help me at all so they are probably worthless.
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    Same here, my parallels desktop keeps using more storage while it is open and I have to close it a lot so it doesn't keep using more storage and now my mac is almost out of storage. Can I please have some help.

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    When I check every file in my C:\ disk in windows, I only use 32,6 GB. I'm aware that parallels itself take up disk space. But if I recall when first installing Parallels, It wasn't close to 38GB?
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    I was having this same problem, my iMac is brand new but I ran out of space on my SSD. I watched it go from 4.5GB remaining to 2.5GB remaining in a couple hours. Alas, after calling Apple support twice and parallels support once I've got a solution. Parallels says it is not them, however the Mac wasn't doing this on its own, so I think its something in the software dumping files in the "core" folder. Second time calling apple we ran some terminal code programs and found where all the GB were hiding. Below is the solution:

    1) Go to Macintosh HD
    2) press command-shit-period
    (this will show grey "hidden" folders)
    3) go to folder named "core" and double click
    4) select everything inside and delete it

    You should notice tons of free space available now.

    Then enter this code into terminal:

    sudo launchctl limit core 0 unlimited

    Press enter, you should have to enter your system password, and viola! It is fixed and blocks applications from dumping into the core folder. It was writing a 2.2GB file every hour on the dot.

    Hope this helps everyone having this issue!!!
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    Most of my disk space are eaten up by snapshots! It's about 66% taken by snapshots and 30ish% by actual active Windows OS VM.
    Worst problem is, I have never succeeded in deleting my snapshots. It was errors out or causes a kernel panic that forces my macOS Catalina 10.15.3 to reboot after taking more than 2 hours spinning (from the time I selected snapshot to delete). I am running Parallels Desktop Professional v15.
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