Why I can't edit my own post in this forum ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by PSG, Dec 19, 2020.


Do I really need an option to edit my own posts?

  1. YES! I need it for sure.

  2. No I don't need this option. I have a plastic pet it could only bzzzz but can't jump on enything

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  1. PSG

    PSG Bit Poster

    Why I can't edit my own post in this forum ?
    If for example my cat will unexpectedly jump to keyboard and using his own front legs press unpleasant fu.K word and at the same time using rear legs will press a button "send" this message WHO will be charged ?
    Or maybe just new forum users can't EDIT his own posts ? I saw many restrictions create in forums, but edit post in a reasonable time, for example 15min from create it's more than a necessary option
  2. micdim

    micdim Bit Poster

    Same here PSG! Anyone can make a mistake and not to be able to edit our own posts is not good!
  3. NihitT

    NihitT Guest

    Yes, that's right there should be an option to edit our post.

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