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Discussion in 'Parallels Website and Forum' started by ihatepasswords, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. ihatepasswords


    so i have a general question about plesk, it is not related to any specific version.

    where do i start looking? should i go trough every single version????? where do i post the problem if i cant find the answer??

    my point is, is VERY stupid not have a GENERAL PLESK DISCUSSION FORUM, but only VERSION SPECIFIC ones.

    This single issue is so very very very frustrating. It gives me a very bad image of parallels, with bureaucratic and not smart people making wrong decisions.
  2. Flagg



    Post it in the forum related to the version you are using.

    To look for posts, you can use the "Search" option, it allows you to search any forum you would like, including subforums (if you check the "Include child forums" box below the list). Let's say, you are using Parallels Plesk Control Panel for Unix - you then go to Search, compose your query, select the Parallels Plesk Control Panel for Unix forum, makes sure that "Include child forums" is checked and click on search.

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