Why would anyone upgrade?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by dkaleky, Mar 12, 2009.


4.0 works great for me

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  1. dkaleky

    dkaleky Bit Poster

    I have been using 3.0 since I got my macbook pro in 2007. 3.0 works fine. I did get 4.0, but will not install it. There are so many problems and unanswered queries, to me it is a waste of time and money to use 4.0.

    Does anybody have anything positive to say yet? Like 4.0 is TOTALLY faster than 3.0. Or 4.0 installed and EVERYThING works perfect. And if so on what mac device ?
  2. zhicheng wang

    zhicheng wang

    4.0 is a nightmare

    we have been use a few 3.0 on leopard with XP Pro guest os and have been quite happy. Since we got a few 4.0 parallels, we have various problems; noticeably the desktop icons lost when users log off and log on again, each boot will allow users to log on once.

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