WIBU key on Windows 11 for ARM

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Parallels User, Feb 5, 2022.

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  2. BramV2

    BramV2 Bit poster

    Same problem here.
    I have already been in contact with wibu.com support.
    There I only got the response that this is not supported and there are no plans to do this in the short term...
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  4. BramV1

    BramV1 Bit poster

    On previous Macbook with Intel processor, wibu worked for us also in parallels desktop.
    Didn't really think that buying a new macbook would cause these problems. New macbook is no longer available with intel processor. So we're blocked...
    And no support from wibu.
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  6. MohamadA4

    MohamadA4 Bit poster

    Hello, have the same problem, any news about it?
  7. Pramesh Boodadoo

    Pramesh Boodadoo Staff Member

    The Apple M1 chip has an ARM architecture (unlike the x86/x64 architecture typical of classic desktop processors). And in a virtual machine on a Mac with an M1 chip, it is currently possible to run only Window ARM -- the Windows version for processors with ARM architecture (for example, it is used on devices with mobile chips like Microsoft Surface Pro X). And indeed, despite the built-in compatibility layer that allows you to run x86/x64 applications on Windows ARM, some applications, or drivers (in your case it's a WIBU key driver) do not work.
    We suggest you contact WIBU key driver developers and ask whether they fully support ARM Windows 11.
    Thank you.
  8. Wobo

    Wobo Bit poster

    Hi there,
    yesterday i called Wibu and they where deeply sleeping:) Now it seems that the Product-Manager wake up and recognised that 3 years of sleeping isn't not good for his business is. I did it that 'cause Windows 11 is now 3 years in business and Wibu did...nothing. They drivers are 3 years old - and the latest is just for Win 10 Intel and the Support for Win 10 will stop next year.
    Now they 'hopefully' understand that the Hardware- and Softwaredevelopment is not going - its running forward and they have to take Action now! We'll see...
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  9. Wobo

    Wobo Bit poster

    Hi all,
    while Wibu is sleeping, a german IT-Company mactown.de solved this problem already in colaboration with the Software Company which use the Keys of Wibu. And now everything is working fine.
  10. John Macintosh

    John Macintosh Bit poster

    Hi Wobo,
    Are you able to please share more details of the solution offered by mactown.de?
    Also, I am currently in the early stages of evaluating an alternative to WibuKey by MARX. Their product works with Parallels Windows 11 ARM running on a Macintosh Silicon (M2) and looks to have the same functionality as the WIBU AxProtector and API encryption using a programable USB dongle etc.
    We have been using Wibu for over 10 years and have a number of commercial software products protected by Wibu - but this issue with no support for Windows 11 ARM is a big problem for us. It is extremely disappointing to have been let down by Wibu after all this time.
  11. Wobo

    Wobo Bit poster

    Hi, they solved it over a Licence-Server. After a journey it works fine and stable - also with more PC in a network:) I gave this information also to the Main Software Provider. It was important information for their support.

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