WiFi Connection stopped working Parallels 13 El Capitan Boot Camp Windows XP Pro

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by DaleE, Sep 21, 2021.

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    MBP 17 inch late 2007 6gb memory 2tb HD 64 bit EFI.
    Mac OS El Capitan
    Boot Camp Windows XP
    Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac
    Network Wifi not working
    Network shares not working
    Bridget network grayed out in configuration
    Windows XP Pro somehow got windows firewall turned on and would not connect to wireless network. I am only user and it was turned off while configuring Parallels 13
    Network connections does not show a wired connection and a wireless connection as previous Parallels versions... at least I thought there were separate connections.
    Network connection would not connect to internet until I turned off Windows XP firewall, which was off yesterday... not sure how it got turned on.
    Parallels Network configuration is Shared mode. Bridge mode is greyed out, which is strange. Competed a repair of MacOS drivers. uninstall and reinstall parallels tools. Windows Device driver Parallels Network #3. It did not go well. Triggered reactivation of Windows XP, Some MacOS drivers had difficulty configuring with error some drivers did not install. After 3 attempts those installed. Next Parallels tools would not reinstall and install network drivers. Had to uninstall, restart windows, install, restart windows. Then had to reactivate windows XP again.
    There are several network drivers, Realtek, Aethos, and another one. When I tried uninstalling the extra drivers it said they were required to run windows XP and programs may not work. That was a mistake. Had to reinstall them.
    Are Parallels drivers drivers not installed correctly and/or the other drivers that are there in hidden view an issue?
    Need solution how to fix Network issues?

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