WiFi Network (macOS) stops routing properly after Parallel Access installed

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by DariusV, Jan 12, 2018.

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    I'm new to Parallels, and have installed Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Pro Edition. After installation of all the Parallels software, I'd find my network on the macOS side would stop working. After re-installing everything a few times including macOS from scratch, I came to realize the culprit is Parallel Access specifically.

    Basically, if I install it, my network slows to a crawl for anything routed outside my network. I can't open web pages (sometimes they open after 5-10 minutes) nor can I login to Parallels Access (again, sometimes it does login after 5-10 minutes). However, basically, anything routed is so slow that it appears initially that it's not working at all.

    However, if I go to a web page locally on the same subnet, such as the configuration page of my router, it's perfect. The speed is normal.

    Now, the strangest bit: if I change my macOS WiFi IP address, everything works quickly. I haven't tried accessing the Mac via Parallels Access, but it's because I don't want to leave the Mac with a different address. Additionally, at some point (perhaps an hour later?) the Mac network slows down again, requiring yet another address change to be usable again.

    So, for example, the Mac receives a DHCP address of Parallels Access is installed. Mac network is unusable, web pages don't open, nor can I login to Parallels Access. Then, I change to a manual address of Boom. Everything on the network works. I can login to Parallels Access.

    I can disable DHCP and start out with a manual IP address. Same problem. It doesn't matter, it's like Parallels Access is doing something wrong with the routing specifically with the IP address at the time it starts. My gateway is, an EdgeRouter X that's NAT for a cable modem. The Mac is a new iMac Pro running macOS High Sierra 10.13.2.

    Help? I'd like to use Parallels Access but this issue makes me not want to leave it installed on the Mac which defeats the purpose. :)

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