Will the Vista USB still work while working in OSX?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by dwdmguy, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. dwdmguy

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    thank you.

    I have a skype adapter that does not work with OSX. (Basically it's a adapter via USB for you to plug your cordless phone base unit in and use cordless phones under skype) Linksys.

    So, If I program everying to work ok in Vista, on the USB port, and then switch to OSX, will the adapter will be working under the Vista side of the machine?
    Of course I'm using Win Vista.
    Thanks tons for helping.
  2. Al_Q

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    I'm not entirely clear what you are asking, but I'll try.

    If you get your Skype adapter working in Vista under Parallels, and leave Parallels running, then the phone should still continue to work just fine while you are doing things in OS X. That should be true whether you are using Coherence or not. If you want to see the Skype status (for example for an incoming call) you will of course have to select Skype in the OS X Dock, or click on a Skype window if one if visible on the desktop.
  3. dwdmguy

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    Thank you

    Thank you Al for taking the time.

    Turns out I've installed Parallels today after purchase and installed my lic. verision of XP SP2, (I've not yet purchased Vista yet).

    I've not tried the adapter yet but will this evening.

    I'm also have a major picture printer coming so I'm going to want to want to run that as well as it does not support Mac. (or the other way).

    So the bottom line I guess, is my question is, Does all pref. devices weather it be USB or F/W work when Paraells is up but your working in the Mac world?

    Thank you again.

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