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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Endel, Nov 15, 2022.

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    Hey guys,
    I have MBP 16", 32gb ram and I'm getting the warning "not enough resources to display completely" in Excel and it crashes often when opening 2-3 tables.
    Excel is 32 bit, which I need for some macros and older files. My collegues are using the same with Win11 and don't get this error.
    In task manager I see that Excel is running in efficiency mode, which cannot be turned off. Might this be the issue?
    When the error happens, I see that Excel is using about 1 GB RAM.
    In Parallels configuration I have resource usage set to "no limit" and memory to 12 GB.
    Hope someone can help, as it's really affecting my work negatively! :(

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  2. Aries@PF

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    Sounds like it's talking about graphics memory since it says "display", but I could be wrong on that as you're on an M series. I didn't do extensive testing, but I found the app compatibility to be weak at best. Granted, I was trying to use apps not originally coded for ARM.
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    Verify/install the latest updates
    You might have to set Windows Update to automatically download and install recommended updates. Installing any important, recommended, and optional updates can frequently correct problems by replacing out-of-date files and fixing vulnerabilities. To install the latest Office updates, click the link specific to your version of Windows and follow the steps in that article.

    Operating system updates:
    Install Windows updates
    Office updates:


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