Win10pro can't be installed in PD18.0.1

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by WinfriedW, Nov 4, 2022.

  1. WinfriedW

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    From the Paralles Support I got the infomation Win10 cannot be installed on a MacBook Pro with ARM M2.
    I found an english evaluation copy from the insider preview site that could be installed but it need an update but updating didn't work BildschirmĀ­foto 2022-11-04 um 09.52.13.png
    From this VM I made a new installation from a USB-stick with a Win10pro 22H2 for ARM. It strts the installation process but when it wants to restart it crashed BildschirmĀ­foto 2022-11-04 um 08.30.36.png
    Does anybody know the reason for this behavior? Is it possible to change the critical BIOS parameter? Is there anybody out there who can translate the errorcode gives me a solution?
    Thank you in advance

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