Win7 x64 Bootcamp Sound Volume is Very Quiet

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by mog0, Aug 3, 2010.

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    I have installed Win7 x64 in Bootcamp and got everything working great and then set it up in Parallels desktop so that it could be used either in physical or virtual mode. Unfortunately since installing Parallels tools the sound is almost completely inaudible in bootcamp, even with the windows volume set to 100%. Before installing parallels tools it was absolutely normal.

    On the volume control you can see the green line rising when a sound is played but it will not go above 5% of the way up, again with 100% volume.

    Has anyone else seen this behaviour and more importantly does anyone know of a workaround??

  2. mog0

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    Please Help

    I have tried uninstalling the sound device in the device manager and after rebooting windows found and configured my sound device again but the volume level problem was still there. I've even uninstalled parallels tools but nothing has had any effect.

    I maybe wrong but it seems as though parallels, rather than use its sound driver to alter the volume to match the mac levels, when running in a VM, has instead hacked some underlying part of windows. I am getting very irritated by the lack of any (audible) sound in windows and I am considering reinstalling windows, which I really don't want to do as it would take most of a day to get everything reinstalled and configured again.

    Please can somebody help or even just provide suggestions?

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