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  1. rchaput


    This is a great free program for backing up your Boot Camp partition. It is very simple to use.

    It's available at

    I tried the backup function, but didn't want to attempt a restore. Then I tried to access Boot Camp through Parallels (not related to the backup.) Unfortunately, I got a fatal systems error of a system file missing. Without a backup I would have to try to repair Windows or re-install. Given the circumstances, I did a WinClone restore. It took about 15 min (10 GB file) and worked flawlessly.

    From now on I plan to do a WinClone before testing new upgrades as well as routine backups.
  2. fredchan


    I 've used it for backing up the NTFS Boot Camp partition, but still didn't tried the restore stuff. Did you had to activate Windows again after your restoration?
    Also my problem is that my Boot Camp partition is too small (5GB). Now that i use it everyday with Parallels i need some more space.
    Do you think i can do the followin steps fully secured to get a larger partition:
    1/Backup Boot Camp partition with Winclone
    2/Delete Boot Camp partition with Boot Camp App
    3/Create a larger Boot Camp partition with Boot camp app
    4/Restore the backup with Winclone

    Does Windows will ask again for activation?
    Thanks for suggestions and/or information if someone tried already this.

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