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    Stacey M

    I must have missed something... I used to have a full 1400*900 full screen resolution combined with a smaller window in console view. I seemed to have lost this abbility in recent versions. I now have either a console view that expands beyond the limitations of the screen (remaing 1400*900) with a " missing" part of the xp window or I have a smaller console but have a full screen with bad/low resolution.... I have tried all relevant settings in xp desktop and in parrallels preferences.. (at least that is what I think)

    how to solve?

    Greetings Jan Willem

    PS I know the dll is missing but iSight.....
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    I'm facing the same problem.. !! answer anyone ?
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    Parallels actually holds individual resolutions for 2 different windows, namely:

    1) For MAC OS window
    2) For WINDOWS Full Screen

    You would HAVE to set INDIVIDUAL resolutions when you are at the screen you desire to resize.

    GO TO FULL SCREEN MODE, THEN right click, settings and set the resolution you want to see AT FULL SCREEN.

    Do the same when you are back at MAC OS X.

    This way you can set small screen when you are at MAC OS, and max resolution of your display when you are full screen.



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    Control - Command-F Full screen/not full screen.

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