Window session "forgets" that cmd key is down after multiple keypresses

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Jonathan22, Aug 9, 2022.

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    On a regular basis my Windows 11 VM will seem to "forget" that the Cmd key is down when i'm doing a series of command shortcuts. For example, i may do Cmd+c, Cmd+v, then attempt to Cmd+z to undo, and instead it types a 'z'. I have to release the Cmd key and press it again to get the Cmd+z to work. This is extremely frustrating, especially give that it's not consistent. Sometimes i can do a series of Cmd shortcuts and they all work, but inevitably one somewhere along the line will fail and leave me with some strange result.

    I have a long list of shortcuts like Cmd+c, Cmd+v, etc mapped to the Ctrl+ equivalents in the Shortcuts preferences (most of these were the defaults). I also just recently mapped Cmd to Ctrl to see if that would help, it made no difference other than keeping the Start Menu from popping up if i accidentally hit Cmd and then no other key.

    This has also happened on the very first keypress, thought not as often. That can result in a failed Copy followed by Pasting whatever was on the clipboard. Fun. =\

    Windows 11 Home 21H2
    Parallels 18 (updated this morning)
    MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021, M1 Pro 32gig)
    Mac OS 12.2.1 (21D62)

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