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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by DigitalHytop, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Now for my next problem that is still eluding me. Ever since I patched to 4560 my Parallels window will not remember its position. Generally I run in Coherence view but occasionally have need to drop back to OS view. When I do and if I close down Parallels, upon next start up it seems to be wanting to leave room on the left side of the screen as if I have it set to leave room for my OSX dock. Thing is, this is at the bottom of the screen, not on the left. But inevitably it always saves room on the left side.

    This happens whether I've got the window maximized to full width or in a smaller window. No matter how many times I place the window back where I want it to be, upon shut down and subsequent startup, Parallels puts the window where it wants it, not where I want it to be.

    This never did this before until the last patch download I applied. Is there a fix for this or is this something we will just have to wait on the Dev team to sort out and fix in the next patch?
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    VM window size/res for

    true, the Vm os window just wont stick, changes every reboot, plus the VM os (win xp) resolutions have to adjusted everytime for 4560 build, keeps on going back to the least xp res, also after setting the res, when i go to full screen, the resolution slips back to mediocre. this happens especially when i have resized/reduced the VM window size in OS x
    drivin me nuts

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