Windowing Issue with Mac OS X 10.8 and Windows 7 Ultimate in Coherence

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Greenwood Digital, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Greenwood Digital

    Greenwood Digital Bit Poster

    I am running Mac OS X 10.8 on a Mac Pro with 24GB of RAM and 2TB hard drive. The machine has an ATI Radeon HD 5870 in it running an Apple Display and a 23" Samsung monitor.

    I am running Parallels 7.0.15104 (Revision 778994; July 10, 2012) and Windows 7 Ultimate on a 4TB internal two-disk striped RAID.

    I have Parallels running in Coherence and both Mac OS and Windows windows are behaving erratically. For example, if I am in Safari and then click on the Windows bar at the bottom of the screen, Parallels comes to the front, the blue Windows bar come to the front, and then the Safari window covers the Windows bar. Even if I click on Safari again and then Windows bar again, the Windows bar never comes to the front. In order to get the Windows bar to show all the way across the screen and be in front of every other window I need to go to the Parallels icon in the dock and click it. Then everything in the Windows VM comes to the front.

    Other strange windowing issues are occurring such as windows in Windows disappearing behind other Windows windows when you drag them. I cannot click a background window in Windows and get it to come to the foreground.

    Not sure if this is a known issue or isolated to just my machine. I have a MacBook Pro (late 2007) that I will also be using later today. If I experience a different result I will post that here.
  2. Dan DeVries

    Dan DeVries

    I am having the same problem with coherence. I am running Parallels 7.0.15104 (Revision 778994; July 10, 2012) and Windows XP. I have a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.8 with 8GB of RAM.
  3. David Milam

    David Milam

    Just adding a me too for this issue.
    Early 2011 MacBook Pro, OS X 10.8, Parallels Build 7.0.15104 (Revision 778994; July 10, 2012) running Windows XP

    Additionally, while in Coherence mode, clicking different windows in XP does not bring them to the front properly. I have to click the task bar icon for the window twice to minimize and restore the window to bring it to the front.
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  4. NeeravU

    NeeravU Bit Poster

    I have the same issues identified above. I tried reinstalling Parallel tools to no avail.
  5. Greenwood Digital

    Greenwood Digital Bit Poster

    I'm still experiencing this issue after a brand new MacOS X 10.8 installation and a complete reinstall of Parallels (latest download available as of Friday, July 27).

    Was wondering if we could get some feedback or support from a Parallels support person.

    Essentially, Coherence is completely broken because the windowing between the MacOS and within the VM itself does not work consistently.

    I am now experiencing issues within Windows 7 itself. If I have MSN's "buddy list" open and an IM window open, when I select the IM window behind the "buddy list" it never comes to the foreground. If I have two to three overlapping windows open on the main monitor (all Windows 7 windows) I cannot bring any to the foreground and have to dismiss all of the windows.

    It's somewhat cumbersome to have to close all windows just to get one to work.
  6. RiX


    MacBookPro 15 inches - June 2012 - Windowing issue in Coherence

    Same thing on a brand new MacBook pro 15 inch June 2012
    Lion 10.8 with all updates and Parallels 7.0.15106 August 3d, 2012
    Windows 7 Pro VM

    Windowing issues, as well in coherence.
    Windows in background not displaying in foreground,
    unless windows is minimised then maximised.

    Coherence is broken, and Parallels support have so far
    not responded with a fix after 8 weeks.

    Are they all in summer holidays ?
    Or they just don't care having their customer switching to Vmware Fusion !

    Vmware Fusion 4, works perfectly in Unity under mountain Lion.
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  7. Greenwood Digital

    Greenwood Digital Bit Poster

    I opened up a bug report from within Parallels at least 2-3 weeks ago. Haven't heard anything but crickets.
  8. Greenwood Digital

    Greenwood Digital Bit Poster

    Upgrade might fix it

    I just saw over at Ars that there is a major upgrade scheduled for Parallels and it'll be released Sept. 4. So I think that rather than fix this issue we'll be stuck paying for an upgrade instead.

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