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    We've come across a interesting issue with Parallels Client for Windows, specifically on Windows 10 where a high resolution display such as a Surface Pro tablet (DPI at 200%) is connected to a lower resolution display such as 1920x1080 (DPI at 100%). Windows 10 introduced the ability to have different DPI settings set on a per-monitor basis. I believe this could be causing issues with applications published through RAS.

    Our environment consists of Parallels RAS 15.5 running on Windows Server 2012 R2 without the Desktop Experience enabled. Unfortunately the Desktop Experience is not supported by one of our most important applications.

    Scenario: A Surface Pro 4 tablet user is working on an external display without the Surface Tablet display enabled (it's disconnected in Windows' "Customize your display" settings). Sometimes our users enable the Surface Pro tablet display to add an additional monitor. When the Surface Pro tablet screen is enabled, some applications automatically move to the newly added display. This includes applications launched through the Parallels Client. When this happens, the Parallels applications disappear (they actually become black boxes). Disabling (disconnecting) the Surface tablet screen resolves the issue immediately. This issue does not seem to occur if all displays have the same resolution and DPI settings. This issue only occurs when the Surface Pro tablet screen is logically configured to the LEFT of the external monitor.

    Not working:

    Working: DisplaySettings-Working.png

    Feature request: support for monitors with different DPI configurations.
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