Windows 10 guest suddenly shown only half of the screen width, centered

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by ChristophK2, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. ChristophK2

    ChristophK2 Kilo Poster

    Parallels 15.1.4
    macOS 10.15.5

    My Windows 10 guest today was behaving strange. When two finger wiping to the Windows VM, I suddenly saw a split screen, Windows 10 on the left half, an Apple mail app client window showing a sending error asking for confirmation to try again or later. When terminating the right half of the split screen, the Windows 10 screen did not come back. Instead a white garbage stripe was shown. Somehwo I got the Windows screen back but Windows 10 was showing only in a narrow stripe in the middle of the screen, kind of "portrait format". I only got back to the normal Windows 10 login screen after stopping and restarting Windows. Embarrassing somehow..
  2. Maria@Parallels

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    Hi, did you use Windows with the full screen mode?
    Could you share with us the screenshot of the issue once it reoccurs please?
  3. ChristophK2

    ChristophK2 Kilo Poster

    This issue still exists. From time to time I have a split screen when wiping to the Window 10 VM. (an opened mail message).
    Only recipe against it I know is quitting and restarting it in the macOS window.
  4. DLAnderson

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    Good day,

    I, too, have this problem: If I am in the Windows VM, full screen, as always. If an email notification from the Mac pops up, and I inadvertently click on that notification, the email appears in the right half of my Windows screen, and the Windows screen is reduced to the left half of the display. There seems to be no way to recover from this, other than, as suggested above, quitting the Mail app on the Mac. This is irritating in the extreme.

    Screenshot attached.

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