Windows 10 hibernate and fast startup

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by GabrielL1, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. GabrielL1

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    Complex question: I have Windows 10 on bootcamp and access it via parallels.
    I would like to use fast startup option.
    It works well when I use bootcamp but can't activate it on Parallels. Powercfg doesn't works on parallels.
    2 questions:
    - is it possible to have the hibernate option on Windows 10 on parallels? (Required to use the fast startup option)
    - if yes, can we use it in both bootcamp and parallels? Today if I start Windows on parallels, it clears the ram and it has a normal startup.

    Hope it's clear.
  2. PaulChris@Parallels

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    Hello GaberieL1, Powercfg doesn't work on Parallels Desktop. It is a limitation of a Boot Camp based Virtual Machine. So, it's not possible to have the hibernate option on Windows 10 based Bootcamp virtual machine on Parallels Desktop.
  3. FernandoP5


    I am going virtual windows 10 doesn't have the hibernate option, but the system creates the file hiberfil.sys which has the size of 8G and consumes a large space of my hard drive. Because the "powercfg -h off" option doesn't work, I don't know how to disable or delete the hiberfil.sys file, and I need that disk space.
    Please help me with a solution.

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