Windows 10 IIS drops connection to database

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    Hi all,
    I'm a C#/webdeveloper using MacBook Pro 15 inch 2017 model with Parallels Desktop version 13.0.1 running Windows 10. On Windows, I'm using IIS to run the websites I develop locally. These websites have connections to either local MSSQL database (MSSQL Express) or Azure/AWS MSSQL databases.
    It appears that the connection to these databases are dropped after a given time. Typically between 10 - 60 minutes. I can connect to the database through MSSQL Mangement Studio just fine, even though the website cannot access the database.
    My setup is as follows:
    • Parallels network is set to Shared network.
    • In Windows 10 hosts file, I've set up the following: mysite.local
    • In macOS hosts file, I've set up the following . mysite.local (where is the IP address of Windows 10)
    So, everything should be set up correct. I can load up mysite.local just fine in both Windows and macOS. My take is that it could be IIS dropping the connection somehow. I've not experienced this before, coming from my Lenovo laptop which I've used for years before switching to MacBook.

    Has anyone had this issue before and found a fix for it? :)

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    All the best,
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    Hi Bo, I'm experiencing something similar but all network traffic is dropped after ~10 minutes of logging into my local IIS app. Restarting IIS appears to alleviate it for at least another 10 minutes but this is highly annoying. I was wondering if you ever found a fix for the issue you described.
    Thank you,

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