Windows 10 Lock Ups/Mojave Lockup

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by joseinazusa, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. joseinazusa

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    I have the newest version of Parallels 14

    I have had many times where the system would just lock up. I have gone through and checked the disk, etc.
    I read the forums and they say that Parallels is better but Fusion seems to be more stable. For example, today I couldn't even start Parallels, yes I rebooted, and did the activity monitor thing. I just couldn't get win 10 to run so I wanted to see if something else might be causing it. I turned on Isolation and it booted without a problem. It also had no problems. Running stable, no processor issues, or lockups so far.

    Is it possible there is an incompatibility with One drive for Mac, Google Drive, Team Drive, Dropbox? Does anyone else use these without a problem?

    Thinking about going back to Fusion just for the stability.
  2. nanooq

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    I have similar problems with PD14 (which I never had with previous versions). In my case they seemed to be lock-ups but if you wait long enough, approx. 2 minutes or so, the system reacts again. I run PD14 on Mojave and Parallels Desktop is hardly usable for me since the upgrade to PD14 from PD12. My VMs (Windos 7, Windows 10 and Ubuntu) were booting in less than 1 minute. PD14 promised that Windows 10 would be much faster. I was dumb enough to believe that and bought PD14 - big mistake.
    Now my Windows 10 VM needs 4-5 minutes to boot, about 3 seconds to react to mouse clicks etc. and sometimes just doesn't do anything for 1-2 minutes. More than annoying !!
    Ubuntu (tried Mint as well) boot way faster but also have these frequent hangs of 2 minutes or so where it doesn't react to anything.
    I started to work with Fusion (supports direct migration of PD VMs!) since Parallels wasn't able to or didn't want to help, just some standard tips like chkdsk, sfc etc. which didn't help at all. All the problems started directly with the migration to PD14. Since I'm on Mojave I can't go back to PD13 or the like which I would have done.
  3. joseinazusa

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    Thank you @nanooq

    I have been using a migrated Windows instance to Fusion.
    I just read all these posts of stability, but I have had a very different experience. I just realized that I didn't have the problem until I also upgraded to 14 due to Mojave. In my experience, Fusion was not always as fast or as well integrated into the Host OS like Mac, but it has always been more stable. Think I am going to use fusion for a while and see what happens.

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