Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge url / Windows Launch Screen Fail

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Mac' started by simonm5, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. simonm5

    simonm5 Bit poster

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone experienced a situation where the text entry is disabled on the Microsoft Edge Search / URL and also the Windows "Ask me anything" search box? otherwise I am able to use Windows without a problem. If I launch IE I can edit/enter text in the url dialog. Its very strange. Refer to the picture thumbnails I cannot edit or enter text in the dialog boxes.

    I'm running Parallels Mac Pro edition version 12.2.0 with Windows 10 Home 1607 virtual image hosted on a Macbook Pro Retina on a Sierra OS.


    picture thumbnails!
    , Screenshot 2017-04-11 11.59.47.png Screenshot 2017-04-11 11.59.28.png
  2. TonyS5

    TonyS5 Bit poster

    Curious, if you use On Screen Keyboard, can you enter text?
    I can type in the search box, but I can't press enter to have it commit. I can't use the Return key on the onscreen keyboard to commit the term either.
  3. PaulChristopher@Parallels

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    Hi Guys, please follow the steps mentioned below:
    1. Navigate to the folder C:\Windows\System32
    2. Locate ctfmon (Application)
    3. Right-click > Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut)
    4. Open run > type ' shell:startup ' (without quotes)
    5. Drag & drop the ctfmon shortcut placed in the Desktop to the Startup folder.
    6. Restart Windows & observe if the issue re-appears.
  4. TonyS5

    TonyS5 Bit poster

    My issues was fixed by downloading a later version of the MS virtual machine.
  5. Karthik@Parallels

    Karthik@Parallels Member

    @TonyS5 Glad to know that. Let us know should you need further assistance with Parallels.

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