Windows 10 multi monitor weirdness

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by bfindlay, Jun 26, 2016.

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    OSx El Capitan. 3 monitors (including the imac), PD 11 - latest as of today. Win 10 installed and updated as of today.

    Noticed an old (3/4 year) thread on this, and ran into some of the same problems today.

    My hardware: imac 27in 3TB Fusion drive (first gen fusion imac - about 3.5 years old)
    2nd monitor is BenQ 27in also native at 2560X1440, 3rd monitor ASUS at 1080p. Set up the monitors as per their native specs and I notice that the resolution doesn't hold.

    Specifically, If I drag a window from the iMac at 2560X1440 onto the benq (same resolution) it starts to appear normally on the target screen, but when about 1/3 to 1/2 way across, the new screen Jumps up the size of the window and all elements - even while the portion still on the iMac remains the same original resolution. Impossible to screen shot this, as it occurs across two separate displays, but I can video it old school and post if needed.

    Also, the mouse will jump occasionally - for instance if I try to click a close button on a window, it will sometimes disappear and reappear on another screen, then have to mouse back over to complete. Annoying.

    Finally, the bit about Win 10 not remembering the orientation of the monitors nor their resolution (which is questionable any how) after a restart.

    Same setup with win7 VM - no problem for years. Have tried this with 'use Mac osx displays in full screen' both on and off. Did not notice a difference.
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    Hi bfindlay, try the steps mentioned below:
    1. Disconnect all external displays.
    2. Take a Snapshot of Windows.
    3. Setup Parallels Tools by following the manual installation.
    4. Restart Windows and check for the issue.

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