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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by milleron, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. milleron

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    I and my brother both run Parallels Desktop 10 on iMac Retina 5K rigs. My VM with Windows 10 Technical Preview was balky at upgrading from the late 99xx build to build 10049, but it finally did it. My brother's will NOT upgrade past the 99xx build he now has, and he's getting messages that his version has expired so that he'll have to reboot every 2 hours to keep using it. He cannot perform an upgrade via Windows Update. It persistently shows "no updates available," even though that's clearly false. We can, however, download the ISO for Windows 10 build 10074. What I'm wanting to know is if it's possible to upgrade a Windows installation in a Parallels VM from a downloaded ISO, as opposed to making a new, separate Parallels VM for build 10074. On a physical installation, one would just boot the computer from optical media made by burning the ISO. On a Parallels virtual installation of Windows is something analogous possible? He has some critical apps that he'd really rather not reinstall -- MS Office which would almost surely involve the hassle of a telephone reactivation and an Adobe program called Authorware that would also require a tedious reactivation.
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    Hi Milleron, OS updates often require more memory than "ordinary" applications. In the case of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, 1GB of memory for the virtual machine is insufficient to run the update to Windows 10 Technical Preview. Increasing the virtual machine memory to 2GB enables the update to run. To increase the RAM, shut down Windows TP > Go to Virtual Machine configuration as suggested at > Hardware > CPU & RAM > increase the RAM to 2 GB and check if the issue still persisting.
  3. Levoy Hurley

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    I am running 4GB in my VM but can't get past 10074. "No updates available."
  4. Dhruba@Parallels

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    Hi Levoy,
    10074 is the latest build of Windows 10 Technical Preview. There is no updates available after this.
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  5. Levoy Hurley

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    Thanks, Dhruba. It's a little confusing trying to keep track - there are a number of folks out there talking about later build #s but apparently those are "previews" of the preview. :confused:

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