Windows 10 VM Freezes on PD16 minutes after boot

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by CornFly, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. LarsH8


    Same issue, my temporary solution was going back to PD15. Hope Parallels will find a solution asap.
    On PD16 Parallels Hypervisor fails install Parallels Tools. VGA Resolution an no mouse and keyboard will run.
  2. RaulS5

    RaulS5 Bit Poster

    this is a big issue that has cost a lot of time till now. As colleagues don't have issues with VMware, I will reconsider a renewal.
  3. PeterW24

    PeterW24 Bit Poster

    I had PD 15 and Windows 10 VM with Apple hypervisor running well on MAC OS 10.15.6. I started my Windows 10 VM and confirmed it was running ok. I then shut it down. Made a duplicate of the VM file (just in case). I saw the new PD 16 version ParallelsDesktop-16.0.1-48919. I installed it. Started PD 16, clicked to start my Windows 10 VM - it froze in the first 1/2 second of startup wth 100% CPU and has been there for 15 minutes now. HEAVY HEAVY SIGH!!! Back I go to PD 15 - glad I saved the .dmg for it.
  4. JustinH12

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    I am also experiencing this issue after the latest Windows update it will not boot with the Apple Hypervisor, the VM cannot be reset or shutdown normally and the process must be killed manually. Switching to the Parallels Hypervisor allows booting but the performance is much worse, which was why I originally choose the Apple hypervisor.

    Very frustrating and affecting my ability to get work done due to the huge performance loss.

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