Windows 10 VM Freezes on PD16 minutes after boot

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by CornFly, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Bryan S

    Bryan S Bit poster

    I was still having this issue with PD 17.0.1 (51482) and macOS 11.6.
    Once I changed to Parallels hypervisor. My computer stopped freezing. It had gotten to the point that is would freeze up to three times a day. I mean it was just terrible. I was considering just starting from scratch on everything. Not one freeze since the change and I've done everything that I was doing when it was freezing.
  2. GennadyD

    GennadyD Junior Member

    I am still on PD16 and continue experiencing the issue. The workaround is creating new VM every couple of months. Yes, it is a big hassle, but works perfectly fine in the beginning gradually getting worse and worse until becoming unbearable. Does not matter which hypervisor. I am seriously considering trying the VB - that much I am tired of this issue. If will happen with VB, it may mean the Windows or Office issue (I am using VM almost exclusively for Office). Lack of ideas.

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