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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by EnricoS5, Jan 10, 2024.

  1. EnricoS5

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    Dear Sirs, I bought Parallels yesterday because an app I would need to use pretty much daily (a railway reservation system) will only run in Windows, incl Windows virtual machines.
    I have never used Windows, and I have few Macs, and I have been using Apple laptops/desktops machines in the past 20 years, so when asked to install Windows 11 I said yes; nowhere during the purchase and/or installation was I told that I need to buy a key to activate windows, and that the extra cost would have been well over £200!
    Can anybody explain to me if this is the correct way to go? And why Parallels does not explain that there would be 2 x costs involved, the Parallels cost + the windows licence key cost - has anybody, Mac user and completely new to Windows hard the same issue/problem?
    Thank you all, and sorry but my ignorance on the Windows system is not helping ... :)

  2. Adeboye Adeotan

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    Hello Enrico,

    Indeed an extra cost is required if you wish to activate your version of Windows as this involves the purchase of a license from Microsoft.
    What Parallels Desktop does is provide you with a platform to make use of other operating systems including but not limited to Microsoft Windows.

    Associated costs due to using any of those operating systems however are unfortunately not controlled by Parallels Desktop.

    Furthermore, kindly note, however, that you may use Microsoft Windows without activation should you desire.
  3. EnricoS5

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    Dear Adeboye thanx for your reply, I have found out that anyway, what I am unhappy with is that during the buying/subscription process of Parallels never was made clear to me that I would have needed a Windows activation key as a separate item and that even if Parallels downloaded and installed Windows OS an extra payment would have still be needed - this info should be made very clear to new customers, and especially to people who has never used Windows before....

    Thank you again!

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