Windows 11 ARM and Epson Printer Driver // Virtual Port Driver

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    Hej, I have problems installing Epson Print Drivers or Virtual Port Drivers for an Epson POS (Point of Sale) Thermal Printer Model TM-T88VIwith Network Connection (Ethernet) on Apple iMac 24" M1 with the latest version of Parallels Desktop an Windows 11 ARM.

    In the case "EPSON Advanced Printer Driver for TM-T88VI Ver.5.13E" every time I try to install the drivers it stops installation after 30sec and is ending the process with dialog "Installation failed"
    In the second case i tried only to install the "TM Virtual Port Driver Ver.8.70a" - this stops also with "Error: Can´t open \\.\EpsonPA
    Both Installers can be found here under "Windows Printer Driver" or "Virtual Port Driver":

    Maybe someone have also experience the installation problem and allready found a solution for this.

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    Looks like those are Intel drivers. You can only use ARM drivers.
    Have you tried installing the macOS driver and sharing the printer with Windows?
  3. ParallelsU860

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    Yes - but it seems to be not possible sharing this type of printer.

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