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Discussion in 'Licensing and Activation' started by RichardM52, Sep 28, 2023.

  1. RichardM52


    During the installation process of Parallels for my Mac laptop, I followed the instructions and downloaded Windows 11. I was not aware it was the Pro version. I purchased the Windows 11 Home edition from Microsoft, and received the USB disk in the mail. When I went to activate, it would not accept the Home edition product key. Assume I cannot remove the Pro version and reinstall the Home version? What are my alternatives.
  2. Trishna Oobeyram

    Trishna Oobeyram Staff Member

    As a suggestion, you may try to get a refund from Microsoft.
    Please follow the steps below to do that:
    1. Go to the link:
    2. Make sure to sign in your Microsoft Account
    3. Select the product you need help with
    4. Click "Get support in your browser" then describe your issue
    5. Click Get Help then select "Contact Support" below
    6. Select "Billing and Account Profile questions" then click Confirm
    7. Confirm your email then click Confirm

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