Windows 11 Update 0xc1900101 Error

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by FabioP4, Nov 30, 2023.

  1. denethor

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    Ok now we are back to normal. I can also confirm that build 26040.1000 canary with Paralles 19.2.1 works fine. Installed as an in-pace upgrade with UUDump ISO.
  2. mnfe

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    Thank you for this. I was able to update to 26040.1000 using your hardware settings. I was also able to switch to Parallels hypervisor after updating but rebooting will sometimes fail with the Parallels hypervisor. (I prefer to use the Parallels hypervisor because I use an app called Core Temp that tracks my CPU temps on my guest VM and, with the Apple hypervisor, the temps are inaccurate whereas with the Parallels hypervisor, they are accurate when compared to iStat Menus on my host). I am curious - what made you switch from NVMe to Sata for your HDD? That seemed to be a significant workaround.
  3. BradenC

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    I'm glad this worked for you.

    The NVMe -> SATA switch went down like this: I created a fresh VM to test 26040, booted from the ISO, and noted that there was no storage device to install to (ie. the default NVMe-attached disk image wasn't detected). Since I had successfully booted using a SATA-attached ISO image, I figured switching the HDD config was worth a try. Turns out it was!

    Re. booting with the Parallels hypervisor: I didn't think to try repeatedly. Just now booting this way failed six times in a row. I would have given up, but figured I might as well let it keep trying in the background while tapping out this message to you. Lo and behold, on the seventh reboot it worked! I guess that enabling and then combing through the detailed Parallels log files would yield more info about what's going on here. But that's more than I've got time for right now. I'm sure the engineers are all over it. Either way, thank you for letting us all know!
  4. Jose33

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    Hi, Today I can update to 26040.1000 version from windows update correctly
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  5. LeRoi

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    Just a bit of added information. I wanted to try an update from a MS Win11 download. Opened Parallels, selected "New" and then "Install Windows 11 from MS". Let the install complete, activated the Windows install and went to Windows Update. Selected Insider/Canary and spent the usual 2 weeks waiting for it to download and install. It DID NOT update to 26040 (Canary). So, having the luxury of a spare 4 hours (all times are approximate because I really don't mind how long it takes) I decided to do an install using an ISO (well, VHFX file). That worked and seems to be performing as expected. Again, Parallels / New / Install from ISO (or something like that). Surprisingly, absolutely no problem installing from the VHDX.
  6. mnfe

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    I had no problems updating to Build 26052 today on my Intel MBP with Parallels version 19.0 using the Parallels hypervisor and no more problems with boot failures.
  7. MichelF4

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    La build 26052 ├ęchoue toujours avec le processeur Apple

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