Windows 7 Login Screen Shows Deleted User Account

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    Recently, In order to reinstall Quickbooks Enterprise 2016 on my Windows 7 VM, I had to create a new Admin account in Windows 7. On this machine we are running parallels 12.2.1. According to Intuit the existing admin user was corrupt.

    After this was complete and working with the new user, To eliminate corruption and confusion, I deleted the original Admin account in Windows 7.

    Now, when Windows is restarted, or if I log off of Windows, I am presented with the Windows login screen showing the *deleted user*, not the new user. In addition, I'm prompted for a password, but that original user account never had a password. I'm guessing that Windows 7 is inheriting the username from parallels and MacOS.

    In order to login to Windows, I must click "Other Users" then type the new Admin user name and password.

    I have reviewed the group policies in Windows and "Interactive Logon: Do not Display last user name" is already disabled.

    Any suggestions on how I can get the New Admin user to display at Windows login, and not the deleted Admin user ?
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