Windows 7 nolonger works in Parallels 17

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by AaronM17, Jan 6, 2022.

  1. AaronM17


    I use Windows-7 in part of our backwards compatibility testing.
    As of Version 17 running OSX Monterey latest public release, Windows 7 nolonger functions:

    * Ping works fine.
    * Ping FAILS.
    * Network diagnosis -> DNS not responding.
    * Manually configure DNS, same results-- fail to look-up
    * Opening any kind of browser, results in process-lockup afterwards any attempt to resolve DNS.
    * Parallels tools now wants to install as some kind of 'legacy driver' requiring 'test signing enabled'. It never used to do that, and our anti-tampering will not permit the application to run when the operating system is in test-mode.

    Testing the EXACT SAME VM under Parallels 16 works fine.
    I have also tested this under a fresh Win7sp3-Ultimate ISO from Microsoft with the same results after install.

    All other OS's (Win8->11 work fine)
    I have also changed the networking from Bridged to Shared, etc.. same result.
    (Keep in mind, until I attempt to resolve an address via DNS, network IO works correctly, including Sharing between guest and host mapped drives)

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