Windows 7 on Linux gets slow when hd is on second drive

Discussion in 'Parallels Workstation Extreme Discussion' started by José ManuelS, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to run a Windows 7 virtualized machine on Linux (Fedora 16), the parallels harddisk file is on the second drive of my real computer:

    sda: where parallels is installed on.
    sdb: parallels machines.

    On windows host, the virtualized windows 7 works fine, but on linux host the machine freezes and works very very slow, I can't boot windows or even I can't install the operating system.

    Excuseme for my bad english, and thank you for your support.

    José Manuel.
  2. Pierre-Luc B

    Pierre-Luc B

    then you speak french ?

    can you provide a bit more detail about your configuration ?
  3. Configuration

    Hello Pierre,
    unfortunatelly I don't speak french. I'm a Spanish. First of all thank you for your support.

    My machine config is:

    CPU: i7 2600k
    VGA: Zotac GTX470 1280GDDR5
    16GB of ram
    SDA: 40GB SSD
    SDB: 120GB SSD

    Thank you again for your support :)
  4. Pierre-Luc B

    Pierre-Luc B

    hmm, i don't know what to say, the only time i got the same behaviors was because my coleague as fillup the whole hard drive, as you got only 120gb it it possible that you got the same issue.

    make sure of the hard drive usage by toing
    df -PTh

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