Windows 7 Password Reset

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ampm11, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. condie

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    There's a field to enter the old password.

    Leave it blank

    Then enter a new password and confirm it in the specified fields
  2. AZGaucho


    I'm not sure what you are referring to. In the instructions that were being suggested by anamareddyj there was nothing about entering the old password. So I'm puzzled completely.
  3. rcnineteen

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    The first time I had to do this it worked like a charm. For some reason Windows is not accepting the password so I followed your instructions again but this comes up:

    {60ab5c35-5240-4324-9d6c-e49c246828d3} running - Windows 7

    Any help would be hugely appreciated. I have no idea why this happens in the first place? I am positive my password is correct.
  4. AZGaucho


    I ended up contacting Parallels for help with this. They were very helpful. The quick fixes did not work. We ended up making a backup copy of the Windows virtual machine file and going through the slower task of resetting the Windows password --- which required my having the Windows installation disk at hand. We did not reinstall the whole operating system, however.
  5. GustavoZ


    Thank you so much. It worked great
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  6. platypusman


    Thank you! - worked for Windows8 also

    Thanks @anamareddyj -- I don't know what caused this password issue but I was completely stuck. Your solution worked perfectly for me on Parallels Desktop 7 running Windows 8. Thanks a million.
  7. maofatooA


    reset windows password

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  8. MelodyMeB


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  9. VirtualMan


    Windows 8? "VM is not found" ?

    This looks like it may be what I need. Does it work on Windows 8 ?

    I have tried, but when I plug in - prlctl list —all
    I get - "VM is not found"

    I have the VM running. Right now it is prompting me for my password. I actually don't recall setting up a password, but perhaps I did. This is the first time I have been asked for it, and it has me baffled!

    Any help with getting beyond "VM is not found" would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. chesscharly


    Windows 7 user composed by Two words separated by a blank space


    The solution you posted was just perfect to reset a single word Windows 7 user. The problem I have now is my Windows 7 Admnistrator user is composed by two words separated by a blank space and I am not being able to set a new password for that one. I have tried several ways to deal with the blank space which I will describe in the following lines and see whether you or somebody within this forum can further help me (by guiding me on how to deal with the two words user or by probably telling me how to create a new administrator user so that I can erase any of those Windows users I will not longer be using -including the two words user). All that said, some scenarios I have tried so far are:

    Attempt 01, I typed:
    prlctl set UUID --userpasswd word1 word2:password

    and got (like if the user were just "word1"):
    An incorrect value for --userpasswd is specified: word1

    Attempt 02, I typed:
    prlctl set UUID --userpasswd word1\ word2:password

    and got:
    failed to change user password: The operation you performed in the virtual machine was completed with this error: 1: 'SetUserPassword: NetUserSetInfo FAILED Err = 2221 (0x000008AD)

    Failed to configure the virtual machine.

    Attempt 03, I typed:
    prlctl set UUID --userpasswd word1' 'word2:password

    and got:
    failed to change user password: The operation you performed in the virtual machine was completed with this error: 1: 'SetUserPassword: NetUserSetInfo FAILED Err = 2221 (0x000008AD)

    Failed to configure the virtual machine.

    Attempt 04, I typed:
    prlctl set UUID --userpasswd "word1 word2":password

    and got:
    failed to change user password: The operation you performed in the virtual machine was completed with this error: 1: 'SetUserPassword: NetUserSetInfo FAILED Err = 2221 (0x000008AD)

    Failed to configure the virtual machine.

    Please you help to change/set a pasword for a two word Windows 7 user, or on how to create a new administrator user for an existing Windows 7 VM.

  11. Stuw

    Stuw Parallels Developers


    Error 2221 - The user name could not be found.
    Looks like you uses account display name (full name in terms of net user) instead of account name (user name in terms of net user). Try to remember account name.
    If nothing helps, please send a problem report (Help -> Report a Problem). Maybe we can find usefull information in log files.

    It is possible to use internal windows tools via prlctl exec. For example to get list of users use
    prlctl exec "vm-name-or-uid" net user
    To get information about user account
    prlctl exec "vm-name-or-uid" net user administrator

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  12. chesscharly




    By following your instructions to get a list of users found out that teh administrator user was just "Administrator" and that way being able to reset related password.

  13. ShannonO


    Saved my license server

    Anamareddyj's solution is perfect, fast, and error free! Thanks very much! Saved me hours of rebuild, and explanation to mgmt. <Saved the password in psafe now, of course>

  14. Bodobo


    Unrecognized option?

    I too have run into the issue that Windows 7 requires a Login Password after the latest Windows update installation in the Virtual Machine. However, I don't remember to have ever set one. So I found this support doc which seems to be identical with Anamareddyj's tipps (Btw thanks for posting it here.)

    Now my problem is that in the end of the terminal procedure, when there should be the message "authentication tokens updated successfully" I get the message "Unrecognized option: yourWindowsUsername:newPassword" instead.

    Now what shall I do?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.
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  15. Stuw

    Stuw Parallels Developers

    Please make sure you type command correctly (two dashes for --userpasswd, etc). Also you need to replace yourWindowsUsername:newPassword with actual user name and password. If nothing happens please generate a problem report (Help->Report a problem) and post it's ID here.
  16. Bodobo


    Stuw, thank you for getting in touch. I could solve the issue by using "OPHcrack" "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor".

    Interestingly there was no password set in Windows 7, but after the latest Win update had installed itself automatically, I couldn't get over the Win 7 Login page - so it's the exact issue as described on your support page. I wonder how such a thing can happen.
  17. Lfhsdlfh


    Take it easy! If you don't have a password reset disk, try to use a third-party password reset tool, say, Ophcrack, Windows Login Recovery, etc. It may be the fastest way. To use a installation disk will cause data loss. It's too troublesome.
  18. mcstem


    Need to reset my Windows 7 Password - running Parallels on a Mac Mini running OSX 10.8.3

    I tried [anamareddy] solution but got a different result - (see below)

    QUOTE=anamareddyj;628681]Hi all please try the following steps to reset Windows password

    1. Start your virtual machine;
    1. Open Terminal application (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal);
    2. Copy the following command, past it into Terminal window and press Return:

    prlctl list --all

    The output should look like the following:

    {3e21f02b-9d52-4ebe-a079-675dc822d723} running - Windows 7

    3. Copy the following, past it into Terminal window and add space

    prlctl set

    4. Copy the UUID from the output of the previous command (e21f02b-9d52-4ebe-a079-675dc822d723 in the example) and past it at the end of the "prlctl set" command (do not forget that there should be a space between "set" and UUID number), then add space, type the following and add one more space:


    Right now you will have something like:

    prlctl set 3e21f02b-9d52-4ebe-a079-675dc822d723 --userpasswd

    5. Add username (your Windows user account name), colon, and a new password (do not add space between username, colon and password). Please see the example below:

    prlctl set 3e21f02b-9d52-4ebe-a079-675dc822d723 --userpasswd yourWindowsUsername:123

    6. Press Return. You should see the following:

    authentication tokens updated successfully.

    You can now login to your Windows user account using the specified password.[/QUOTE]

    Note that after entering the second command string you specified I got "INVALID USAGE"
    Last login: Sat May 11 09:40:35 on console
    new-host:~ marthastem$ prlctl list --all
    {320c2b7f-5f08-4d02-b448-207195a98e56} running - Windows 7
    {010e914a-a8af-43fa-99b6-dca52ff068ae} stopped - Windows XP
    new-host:~ marthastem$ prlctl list --all
    {320c2b7f-5f08-4d02-b448-207195a98e56} running - Windows 7
    {010e914a-a8af-43fa-99b6-dca52ff068ae} stopped - Windows XP
    new-host:~ marthastem$ prlctl set
    Invalid usage
    prlctl version 8.0.18354.823166

    Usage: prlctl ACTION <ID | NAME> [OPTIONS] [-l user[[:passwd]@server[:port]]
    Supported actions are:
    capture <ID | NAME> --file <name>
    clone <ID | NAME> --name <NEW_NAME> [--template]] [--dst path] [--changesid] [--linked] [--detach-external-hdd <yes|no>]
    convert <PATH> [--dst <path>] [--force]
    create <NAME> {--ostemplate <name> | --distribution <name|list>} [--vmtype ct|vm] [--dst <path>]
    [--changesid] [--no-hdd]
    delete <ID | NAME>
    enter <ID | NAME>
    exec <ID | NAME> <command> [arg ...]
    list [-a,--all] [-t,--template] [--vmtype ct|vm|all] [-o,--output name[,name...]] [-s,--sort name]
    list -i,--info [-f,--full] [-j, --json] [<ID | NAME>] [--vmtype ct|vm|all]
    pause <ID | NAME>
    register <PATH> [--preserve-uuid]
    reset <ID | NAME>
    resume <ID | NAME>
    restart <ID | NAME>
    start <ID | NAME>
    ..status <ID | NAME>
    change-sid <ID | NAME>
    stop <ID | NAME> [--kill | --noforce]
    snapshot <ID | NAME> [-n,--name <name>] [-d,--description <desc>]
    snapshot-delete <ID | NAME> -i,--id <snapid>
    snapshot-list <ID | NAME> [-t,--tree] [-i,--id <snapid>]
    snapshot-switch <ID | NAME> -i,--id <snapid>
    suspend <ID | NAME>
    unregister <ID | NAME>
    reset-uptime <ID | NAME>
    encrypt <ID | NAME> [--dry-run]
    decrypt <ID | NAME> [--dry-run]
    change-passwd <ID | NAME>
    problem-report <ID | NAME> <-d,--dump|-s,--send [--proxy [user[:password]@proxyhost[:port]]]> [--no-proxy] [--name <your name>] [--email <your E-mail>] [--description <problem description>]
    set <ID | NAME> [--cpus <N>] [--memsize <N>] [--videosize <n>]
    [--memquota <auto|min:max[:priority[:maxballoon]]] [--mem-hotplug <on|off>]
    [--description <desc>] [--autostart <on|off|auto>] [--autostart-delay <n>]
    [--autostop <stop|suspend>] [--applyconfig <conf>] [--name <name>]
    [--start-as-user <administrator|owner|user:passwd>]
    [--vnc-mode <auto | manual | off>] [--vnc-port <port>] [--vnc-passwd <passwd>]
    [--cpu-hotplug <on|off>]
    [--distribution <name|list>]
    [--userpasswd <user:passwd>]
    [--usedefanswers <on | off>]
    [--sync-host-printers <on | off>] [--sync-default-printer <on | off>]
    [--efi-boot <on | off>]
    [Device management options] [Shared folder options]
    Device management options are:
    alid usage --device-connect <name>
    --device-disconnect <name>
    --device-del <name>
    --device-set <name> <Set options>
    [Set options] [--enable|--disable] [--connect|--disconnect]
    --device-add <hdd | cdrom | net | fdd | serial | parallel | sound | usb>
    [Device options] [--enable|--disable] [--connect|--disconnect]
    --device-add hdd [--image <image>]
    [--type <expand | plain>] [--size <n>] [--split]
    [--iface <ide|scsi|sata>] [--position <n>]
    [--subtype <buslogic|lsi-spi|lsi-sas>]
    --device-add hdd --device <real_name>
    [--iface <ide|scsi|sata>] [--passthr] [--position <n>]
    [--subtype <buslogic|lsi-spi|lsi-sas>]
    --device-add cdrom {--device <name> | --image <image>}
    [--iface <ide|scsi|sata>] [--passthr] [--position <n>]
    [--subtype <buslogic|lsi-spi|lsi-sas>]
    --device-add net --type <shared | bridged | host-only>
    [--mac <addr|auto>]
    [--ipadd <addr[/mask]> | --ipdel <addr[/mask]> |
    --dhcp <yes|no> | --dhcp6 <yes|no>] [--gw <gw>] [--gw6 <gw>]
    [--nameserver <addr>] [--searchdomain <addr>] [--configure <yes|no>]
    [--ipfilter <yes|no>] [--macfilter <yes|no>]
    [--preventpromisc <yes|no>]
    [--adapter-type <e1000|rtl>]
    --device-add fdd [--device <real_name>]
    --device-add fdd --image <image> [--recreate]
    --device-add serial {--device <name> | --output <file>
    |--socket <name> [--socket-mode <server | client>]}
    --device-add parallel {--device <name> | --output <file}
    --device-add sound --output <name> --input <name>
    --device-bootorder <name1 name2 ...>
    Shared folder options are:
    --shf-host <on | off>
    --shf-host-add <name> --path <path> [--mode <ro|rw>]
    [--shf-description <txt>] [--enable|--disable]
    --shf-host-del <name>
    --shf-host-set <name> [--mode <ro|rw>] [--path <path>]
    [--shf-description <txt>] [--enable|--disable]
    new-host:~ marthastem$
  19. mcstem


    OK!!! I finally got it - Parallels update and a second try on this script - with more careful step b step direction following - did the trick

  20. GoingG


    hi there!
    had the same problem before and I tried the solutions..its a life saver indeed!
    thank you very much!

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