Windows 7, PD9 constant activation.

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by bfindlay, Feb 16, 2014.

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    Windows 7 professional constantly asks to be re-activated. If I resolve it in Parallels, then all is fine - until I reboot into Boot Camp. Then it craps out again. Sometimes if I leave it 'not genuine' when I get back to parallels it is still activated, sometimes not. Sometimes it is fine with a quick online check, sometimes with re-entering my product code, sometimes it wants me to go through the time consuming hassle of phone reactivation. Regardless of what I do, I cannot seamlessly move between Boot Camp and Parallels.

    Short of buying a second installation key is there ANY WAY to get this fracking machine to behave?
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  3. bfindlay

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    Thanks for that. While it is encouraging to hear that it is supposed to work, sadly I cannot get it to do so. I read the kb article - the only difference seemed to be restarting each instance of windows BEFORE transitioning to the other one. Fair enough.

    Here are the steps I followed:

    1) Had windows activated fine under parallels. Restarted the VM. Restarted the VM
    2) Shut down the VM, rebooted into Boot Camp.
    3) It complained about validation. Re-entered my product key.
    4) Restarted Windows back into the Boot Camp partition.
    5) Restarted into Mac OSX 10.9 (without launching parallels)
    6) Restarted back into Boot Camp. Waited for the activation:Status to show windows was validated and all was good.
    7) Restarted back into Mac OSX. launched parallels VM.
    8) It launched fine, waited there for the 'windows activation:Status to show validated. Shut down the VM
    9) Restarted back into Boot Camp. - got the 'bong' then black background ' then the message 'This copy of windows is not genuine'. Took no action, restarted back into MacOSX
    10) Launched Parallels/VM - got the pop up:

    Optional update delivery is not working
    You may be a victim of software counterfeiting....Go online and resolve now

    So - as I said - Boot Camp/Parallels is NOT working for me - without constant, aggravating validation of windows each time I switch from Boot Camp to parallels, or vice versa.
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    Hi bfindlay,

    You might need to remove the script that interferes with Windows activation.

    Follow this article to know more information:


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