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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by PedroV, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. PedroV


    Has anyone documented which versions of Windows 7 RTM can be run in Parallels 4 3844? This is a Mac Book Pro core 2 duo 2.33 with 10.5.8, am I going to be able to run the x64 versions of Windows 7? Or am I limited to the x32 versions?

    Anyone has practical experience installing any of the MSDN releases in the current Parallels 4?
  2. PeterP

    PeterP Bit Poster

    Yes. Running Windows 7 RTM 64Bit, but only just installed.

    All appears OK so far, except Parallels Mouse Tool. Have opened a post about this earlier today.
  3. PedroV


    I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM last night. Install was smooth, only problems so far:

    1. It wasn't obvious how to setup the audio drivers after Parallels Tools is installed.
    2. The task bar kept disappearing, I fixed it but I honestly can't explain how I did it.

    Except for that, it seems to be working fine.
  4. Michael All

    Michael All

    Windows 7 Version

    I have x64 Windows 7 Professional installed now and the install went fine. The only one thing that I'm fighting with at the moment is once I installed the Parallels Tools, the Start Menu/Task Bar disappeared so I'm trying to get that figured out. Once I remove the tools, the start menu comes back so it seems to be directly related to the tools.

    I would think that any version of Windows 7 is supported in Parallels so you should be okay with which ever version you want.
  5. Olivier

    Olivier Kilo Poster

    Don't see this happen with W7 32bits (ultimate ed.). Can't test with 64bits, original MacBook Pro (yonah proc) doesn't support 64bits.
  6. RickG


    I have been using RTM since it went public on Parallels. I had no problems with it until I started to tweak some of the settings. Now If I leave the window open and go to do some Mac stuff, I come back to a message saying that Windows is paused. I press the button to get it going again and I get the eternal blue ring. It only did this AFTER I tweaked Parallels. So if I can figure out how to undo what I've done, short of uninstalling/reinstalling please help!

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