Windows 7 Time Sync Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by bobbyt, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. PaddyMac

    PaddyMac Bit poster

    Sept 11 still no go

    Windows 7 ultimate and parallels 7..

    i really thought my night employee was messing with the laptop time settings.. frustrating to say the least..

    at least there is a forum to find these things out.. wonder how our parents dealt with these issues...??
  2. eric1

    eric1 Bit poster

    guess what,… its oct 23rd 2014 and this is still an issue. If I put my mac to sleep, my Parallels time pauses only to resume when my mac wakes up. So instead of being 8:56AM today, my windows is telling me it's 5:06PM the night before
  3. MartinK3

    MartinK3 Bit poster

    It is now May 11 2015 and I am running Build 9.0.24251 on OSX-10 with Windows 7 - 64 as the VM and the time sync is still and issue. I tried the registry hack and it did not work. I can't believe how tone deaf Parallels is in this matter.

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