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    Parallels 7 on 1 week old MacBook Pro. Windows 7 Ultimate VM. I work from home.

    MacBook ethernet port is cabled to Cisco firewall. Firewall is cabled to my Airport. I'm not using wireless. Firewall provides VPN access to my work network. (This all works fine on a Dell laptop/Windows 7 I've been using the last few years).

    I'm attempting to migrate off the Dell completely, so the VM needs to join the Windows domain at work. When the Mac comes up, it acquires an address from the work DHCP and even has Internet access - that's fine, and quite handy, but in the end, it's the VM that needs to join the domain.

    At first, when I'd start the W7 VM, it was sharing the network connection, so I set it for Bridged on the Ethernet, so that (I thought) the VM would attempt to get it's own IP address. No luck - it's coming up 'Autoconfigured' to a 169. address.

    Am I missing steps somewhere ? If anyone can educate me bit - thanks ! I did search but didn't see anything quite like this.

    Jim In FL
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  3. JimInFL


    Thanks for the reply.

    I've just tried another approach. I now connect to my Airport router wireless from the Mac OS as first on the list. I also have the Ethernet IPv4 turned OFF for Ethernet. For the VM Configure - the VM has Bridged to Ethernet selected. This seems to do the trick.

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    In this case you have to need external USB wireless adapter. Then you will get DHCP IP in your windows 7 os.

    Thanks [​IMG]

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