[Windows 7 VM] Blue Screen crashes on Snapshots and reboot

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Eric'sNickname, May 20, 2015.

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    First time I ever had an issue but it is a strange one. Windows 7 VM, Parallels 10, rMBP 16gb mem,Yosemite 10.10.3. I have been running with zero issues and have have been on Parallels 10 for 6+ months and prior to that v8 for over a year.

    Right after a Windows update today an automatic snapshot is made.
    x64-based Windows 7 update - According to my desktop machine that I updated to also...

    Once it was done in my VM blue screen/fatal system error appears very quickly and then it tries to repair. Startup repair doesn't work saying it can't automatically repair the issue. I tried the restore point prior to today's update and that doesn't work. So I try a snap shot from 5/12 and that upon starting gives me a blue screen (c000021a & c00001d). I go back to a snap shot 4/26 and windows7 comes up and seems to work so I shut down the applications and try to reboot. It blue screens again. Start up repair info: StartupRepairOffline, NoRootCause which does not help me at all.

    I can understand a bad windows update and know how to remove them or use a restore point. I really can understand them because that is one of the reasons why I like OSx. But how would that effect snapshots? I never had to mess with them before or need to use them. Looking for some troubleshooting hints/direction.

    Thank you.

    edit: added Yosemite version
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    Well, after trying any and all things I found something that worked.
    Having spent many years in, around and under IT I rebooted the OS then tried it again. This time I ran
    the diagnostics option for repair which I thought would just be testing virtual HDD, RAM and what not but actually went through OK'd everything and rebooted. It rebooted normally. I shut down the VM and restarted and it loaded without an hiccup. I made a snapshot to be safe and will continue to test.
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