Windows 8.1 Azure - HTTP 400 Errors

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    Putting this out there as an issue I had with Azure and my Windows 8.1 guest OS when trying to access Azure documentation and tool websites. your network adapter must be in bridged mode. For some odd reason, when it's in "Shared Mode" I kept getting "HTTP 400 Bad Verb" errors on several MS sites - many of the Azure sites especially (but not the portal itself). I had this issue on multiple browsers

    I didn't really want my Windows Guest OS to have it's own IP and direct access to this network, but I suppose it's not to be helped...
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    Hi John,
    The Network mode should be in bridge mode while connecting to Azure cloud services.
    When this networking mode is used, your virtual machine's network card establishes a direct connection with your Mac's network card using a technology called "bridging", as a result:
    • A virtual machine appears as a separate physical computer that belongs to the same subnet with the Mac it is running on.
    • A DHCP server (e.g. your router) provides a virtual machine with an IP address within the same IP range as other computers in the same subnet.
    • A virtual machine can ping and see all computers in the subnet.
    • Other computers can ping and see the virtual machine.
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    @Dhruba.. You have mentioned here valid points and as I think these are perfectly answers of above query..

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