Windows 98: Freezes at Shutdown with Beta

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by sandifop, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. sandifop

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    I have Windows 98SE running on build 1970 without issue.

    The install will boot and run in Parallels beta also but hangs on shutdown. It seems the entire shutdown is complete but I am presented with a black "DOS" screen with the DOS cursor (underline) froze near the middle of the screen. A reboot brings up the windows disk scan utility.

    By accident, I dumped the screen buffer and could tell that there was a "blue screen" type crash dialog in the middle of the screen but, maybe, it was presented as black letters on a black background rendering it unreadable.

    In summary: an otherwise good installation of Windows 98SE crashes consistantly in the beta builds upon exit, leaving only a black screen.
  2. jbh001


    Hack for Windows 98 freezing at shutdown/restart

    While trying a clean install of Windows 98SE under Parallels Build 3186, the system hang at shutdown/restart was gone. . . until I installed Parallels vmtools. Then it reared ifs ugly head again. However, with this new information I started installing the vmtools one by one instead of all at once, and ended up isolating the problem to the Parallels SVGA video driver.

    Just to double check, I went to an old version of a Windows 98SE VM and rolled back the video driver to "Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)." After shutting down, the system froze again, I restarted, aborted ScanDisk, and made it to the Desktop. Then I clicked on shutdown again to test it, and it shut down completely without hanging.

    :( Downside: I'm stuck at 640x480x16 until Parallels fixes their video driver for Windows 98.
    :) Upside: No more having to manually stop the VM to shutdown + no more ScanDisk at every startup.

    :confused: Now if I could only get Build 3186 to recognize my USB flash drive like Build 1970 did. . .
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  3. jbh001


    Windows 98 video driver not fixed with Build 3188

    Same old problem. Title says it all.

    Windows 98 freezes at shutdown with Parallels video driver installed.

    Rolling back the driver to "Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)" fixes the shutdown issue but leaves you stuck at 640x480x16.
  4. beattyMBP


    Same error for me in 3188....

    I get this same error in WIN98 on shutdown in 3188, but at least I can now "pause", which I couldn't do in the old version.:confused:
  5. Ynot

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    It's known problem and we are working on it.
  6. White fox

    White fox

    Just wanted to tell you that the problem occurs also when the screen is supposed to be shut down because of a certain number of minutes of inactivity(the energy saver). Not only system shutdowns are affected. At least a few times I´ve been away from the computer and come back to see the blue screen of death.
  7. jbh001


    Video driver causing printing woes.

    Just noticed a new problem with the video driver. With the Parallels driver installed, I can't print to my HP LaserJet 1320 via USB.

    When I roll back the driver to Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA), printing functions normally.

    Upon further testing, the printing problem seems unrelated to the video driver. I seem to be able to print okay if I make sure the printer is connected to the VM before initiating any print job. After that, it sometimes will continue to print additional jobs, other times not. A complete shutdown and restart of the VM fixes the problem (but is cumbersome and annoying when you have to keep doing it after each print job).

    Edit 2:
    A work-around for the video driver problem has been posted here.
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  8. hyperact


    I don't know if it is the driver, but the exact same thing happens in an Ubuntu installation. Everything freezes at shutdown just when the final "Will halt now" message appears. There's nothing I can think of to do about it.

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