"Windows cannot access //Mac/Home/Desktop" and "One or more network protocols are missing on this co

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    I have a Macbook Pro with Parallels and Windows 10 and use Microsoft Office 10. I am using El Capitan as my OS. It has worked without problems for years, but over the weekend I have been unable to use Microsoft Office. I received the message "The file Normal.dotm cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents". I have tried looking for the Normal.dotm file to remove it as per the advice on this forum, but I was not able to locate it through Finder. When trying by going through Windows File Explorer I received the message "Windows cannot access //Mac/Home/Desktop" (except the slashes are backslashes rather than forward slashes, I cannot find them on my keyboard. Clicking on the diagnostics I was unable to repair the problem, but received the message "One of more network protocols are missing on this computer".
    The human brain is considered to be one whole universe, parts of which haven't been discovered despite immense technological advancements. The belief that a human brain remains the same throughout the life of a person was shattered into pieces when the darkness from the unread part of the brain was uplifted and it was discovered that mind develops and adapts to new abilities all through the life of an individual.
    There are many effects of skill games on brain training every day.
    What is Brain Training?
    Brain training is also referred to as cognitive training which means that the brain is trained through different activities which are more or less like fun and interesting skill games to develop the cognitive skills of a human being.
    With a lot of research, it was observed that brain training helped in unlocking the human ability to learn new skills and develop the existing ones. These skill games are intense mental activities which determine and monitor the performance of your brain under certain circumstances. The IQ level that is calculated is on the basis of the performance of your brain on these skills only.

    Effects of Skill Games on Brain Training:
    Not just the physical health, but the health of your brain is also extremely important. We usually perform a number of physical activities to keep our body fit and active, but we fail to realize that we are not doing enough exercise of our brain to keep it active enough to perform better every day.
    Following mentioned are a few effects of skill games on brain training:

    1. Mind Stimulation:

    Skill games make your mind effective and functioning, resulting in mind simulation
    The first and foremost effect of the skill games on the brain training of an individual is the intense stimulation of the brain. Free online games no download needed have sent various and rapid stimulations to the brain which keeps it active and functioning. This exercises the brain and helps in developing it. In the long term, this helps in delayed aging signs, enhanced concentration, and decision-making skills, reduced chances of acquiring diseases like dementia and Alzheimer etc.

    2. Enhanced Self-Esteem:

    Skill games enhance self-esteem through brain training.

    Kill games usually involve interaction and socializing as well. It is a part of brain training and plays a vital role in it. These games ensure that the barriers which occur due to social, cultural or any other differences are overcome by healthy interactions and skilled competitions. The person finds a platform to enhance his/her self-esteem by analyzing the problems and brainstorming to find multiple solutions for it. This adds betterment to the personality of the person.

    3. Differential Learning:

    Skill games are different from the cliché online games that are played by gamers. They have a purpose behind them and they ensure that the player learns the desired lesson. They aim at improving the personality of the player. These games have disciplined methodologies which keep the player on track and provide an apt amount of social interaction for the purpose of development.

    4. Prompt Feedbacks:

    While playing skill games in brain training, the main purpose is to monitor the response and reaction of the player in certain situations and circumstances. These games thus, have an inbuilt system of monitoring and recording which keeps a collection of the immediate feedback provided by the player while playing the game. This helps the trainers to analyze the progress or decline of the performance of the player over the course of brain training.

    5. Group Learning:

    It enhances the ability to work together.
    It is an important element of skill games that affect the brain training of a person. Some skill games are designed in a way where the players have to work together as a team to fulfill a common task or to achieve a common goal. Each player plays an important role in the completion of the task so there emerges the feeling of belongingness and satisfaction amongst the players. It enhances the ability to work together and coordinate well with the team members to fulfill individual and group tasks together. This ensures the development of collaborative working and group learning amongst the players. If you are looking for more awesome games to practice teamwork skill, let's check out these top best free games you can play online right now - No download required.

    6. Better Personality:

    Skill games aim at enhancing and developing the existing skills of a player. If not existing then incorporating a new skill and helping the player master it. while brain training through skill games, the focus remains on enhancing the player's cognitive skills like decision making, optimism, soft communication skills, strategizing and planning skills, motivational skills, observational skill etc. When worked upon all of these, the result is a better and an influential personality of the player.

    7. Realistic:

    Skills games are designed with the perspective of training the brain in a way that it is acting better and in an effective manner when dealing with real-life issues. These games teach the players certain concepts and skills over the time which when incorporated in real life make them a better human being. The games imply an influential impact on the players which retains in their memory for a long period of time and becomes a part of their personality and actions eventually. This is when a brain training program via skill games becomes successful.

    8. Unforced Involvement:

    With the enhancement of technology and awareness of the same, every youngster and adult is familiar with the multimedia devices and their elements. The various skill games played through them involved certain rewards, rankings, competitions, difficulty levels, etc. which keep the person completely engaged in the game. The plus part here is that no enforcement is required for the player to play free online games free the skill games for brain training. In fact, the player himself/herself gets engaged in the game. It is an interactive, influential, and fun way of learning and teaching both.

    With the changing generations and advanced developments, bringing in new and effective ways of training and learning is extremely necessary. Skill games through brain training are turning out to be extremely influential form by serving to the interests and comfort level of the latest generations and even the upcoming ones.
    The effects which have been mentioned above were observed over time with various researches and studies. Awareness of brain training and its importance is spreading like wildfire and skill games are playing the most important part in keeping the process educational, interactive, and entertaining at the same time.
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    Hi davids61,
    We suggest you reinstall Parallels Tools to resolve the issue. You can take a snapshot using Actions > Take Snapshot before reinstalling Parallels Tools as a precaution.

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