Windows Defender Won't Let Me Install Software

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JennaD, Dec 14, 2017.

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    hi there -- I just purchased parallels for my MacBook Pro last night and was attempting to install software on to Windows 10 Pro. The software will run in a Parallels environment, this is confirmed. However, the Windows Defender message kept coming up saying I wasn't allowed to install it because my system administrator wasn't allowing it. The message reads "Your organization used Windows Defender Application Control to block this app" and contact my support person for more information. This is a personal computer. I called a Microsoft Support line and after extensive troubleshooting, they determined that this, in fact, something that I should be able to fix with Parallels. Even when we tried turning off Defender, it didn't work and the software still would not install. The Support Line said in order to fix this I would need to access UEFI Firmware Settings which are not available in Parallels. Now what? Oh and Parallels itself seems to work fine, I can access the desktop so it doesn't seem this is an issue with the installation.
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    Hi @JennaD , can you try creating a new test user account on Windows virtual machine and check if you are able to install it.

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