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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by esharris, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. esharris


    I've just installed the upgrade to Parallels Desktop - Windows loads fine but the windows "screen" extends beyond the desktop window - for example I have to scroll up and down to see the full screen of an application.

    changing the display/resolution doesn't help.

    help would be appreciated.
  2. Rachel Faith

    Rachel Faith

    This is the 3rd post on this subject today alone. I think I can count about a dozen other users on other posts with this or a similar display / video error. No one from parallels has yet identified the cause but I know them to be working on it. Please post as much detail about your system, the upgrade and the problem and anything you have tried to do about it.

    We are looking for a commonality... so far... nada...

    Here's hoping.
  3. foldingdummy


    I have problems when connected to a projector to mirror my desktop onto wall-size screen in my classroom. Seems to have similar "issue." As I go back and forth from Mac OS X to Win XP in Parallels, it often cannot discern what resolution I'm at and the PC in particular randomly (sporadically, but not always) tries to refresh at diff res. Is this a display res problem or a refresh rate issue? (Or are they the same thing, in this context...) Sometimes when power save kicks in, the same problem occurs when I move the mouse again to wake up the MacBook Pro. Cannot tell whether cause relates to projector having lower max res than MBP. Projector useless at widescreen 16:9 ratio -- it's worse then. If the PC is suspended, sometimes same thing when it wakes up. Cannot discern yet if it makes a difference whether I'm in windowed mode or coherence. I could be more specific if this maddening scenario always occurred in same pattern/sequence.


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