Windows fails to authenticate after upgrade to 6

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by jefferis, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. jefferis

    jefferis Bit Poster

    I just installed the Parallels 6 upgrade, which crashed 4 times after installation but finally got it running. Now, however, when I start Win 7, i get the message that the copy of Win 7 is not authentic and do I want to buy Win ????

    The copy is authentic. What ? Do I have to call MS and run through that crap again about getting a new Password and code??? What a waste of time!
  2. rognor


    I have exactly the same problem. I converted a VMWare virtual disk using the converter that comes with Parallels. Conversion went fine, but when Windows 7 booted up it asked to be authenticated. I selected online authentication, but it did not work. So I entered the Product key manually, but still it would not authenticate.

    I downloaded the trial version of Parallels 6 because I read that it was so fast. Now I cannot try it out because of this problem. So I will stick with VMWare for now.
  3. astroman


    same problem here.

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